Hair raising! Real-life Rapunzel, 31, who's been growing her locks since she was 16 reveals she's determined to keep going until they're 2 metres long

A real-life Rapunzel hasn't had a haircut in 15 years, now her hair is two inches long.

5-foot-8-inch security guard Stephanie Klassen of Düsseldorf, Germany, is 31 years old, has been growing her hair ever since she reached two meters.

His boyfriend, Ralph Kopitz, 29, an IT technician, takes all the pictures of his hair that appear on his social media - which now has more than 2,000 followers.

Stephanie said that she has always associated long hair with beauty: 'As soon as I was an adult, I made a conscious decision to stop it from being cut,' she said.

31-year-old Stephanie Klassen (picture), a security guard from Dusseldorf, Germany, is documenting her trip on Instagram as she continues to grow her hair up to two meters.

He did not get his hair cut in 15 years and now he is two inches tall

'Now my hair is under my ankles, I am constantly getting Ralph to take photos.

'We are both very creative and the longer my hair is, the more I wanted to show it in different scenarios.

'I often bring an idea to my mind and Ralph will help to accomplish it.'

She was 16 in 2005, when she decided to grow her hair longer.

Stephanie started growing her hair in 2005 after having short hair at the age of 16

His boyfriend, Ralph Kopitz, 29, an IT technician, takes all the pictures of his hair that appear on his social media - which now has more than 2,000 followers

Her parents did not let her grow her hair longer than shoulder length, so when she decided to grow her locks, she saw it as an opportunity to take her life back.

After the first three years of growing up, her hair had reached her shoulders and she said that she felt too beautiful to have long hair

Stephanie washes her hair twice a week and although washing is quite easy, she finds the hardest part about her hair after drying her hair

Not having been to a hairdresser since 2005, Stephanie herself cuts the damaged ends of her hair once a month

By 2011, Stephanie's hair had reached her hips and she was beginning to get compliments about her mane

She said the positive comments about her hair encouraged her to continue

Stephanie met her boyfriend Ralph at a comic conference in Dortmund, Germany, after eleven years she started growing her hair

She was dressed as the evil queen in Once Upon a Time and Ralph (left). They kept talking after sending the picture

Eventually, Stephanie separated her hair growing social media from her personal as she received some unusual requests.

Some people asked her on social media to touch her hair and even film herself doing sex with her hair

'A man asked if I could record myself doing sexual things with it, which was very strange.

'I still get weird comments, but they are contained on a different platform.

'I ignore unpleasant requests, however, for most people it is very kind and flattering.'

Even now Stephanie has no plans to cut her hair any time soon. He said: 'I expect it to be two meters long by 2022,' she said. 'I think it will be fun to reach that goal.

'After that, I'll probably go to the barber and put it on the floor length.

'I don't want to drag my hair on the floor forever!'

To keep up with Stephanie's hair goals, follow her Instagram page @loreleys_hairdream.

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