Why do we celebrate Christmas on 25 December?

Ah, Christmas: According to Andy Williams and basically every retailer in the Western world, the most amazing time of the year. However, as we get lost in the beauty of twinkling lights, sparkling ribbons and pointed eggs, it can be easy to forget the origins of Christmas. Of course, we all know about the birth of Jesus, but where have our Christmas traditions come from, and why do we celebrate it every year on 25 December? We do not even know when Maria Carrie was born. How are we so confident about Jesus?

Was Jesus Born on 25 December?

The truth is that we cannot be completely certain about Jesus' birthday. Despite eventually becoming one of the most popular religions in the world, Christianity made small beginnings and suffered much persecution, so the celebration of the birth of Jesus was unquestionably gone by 336 BCE, as far as we had one There is evidence as to the ancient Roman calendar. It was celebrated on 25 December, but three centuries is plenty of time to forget someone's birthday if you neglect to write it. Most of us forget after three days.

You may believe that it has nothing to do with the Holy Scriptures, but when Jesus was born, the Bible is remarkably vague about the time of that year. It is clear that the document of the Bethlehem Star will be discovered, which is said to have guided Maggie to Jesus after his birth, but the closest astronomers have found such an event as Jupiter, There was a meeting of Saturn, and the Moon in 6 BCE There are many problems with linking this event to the birth of Jesus on 25 December: It happened in the spring, not in the winter, and it is famously believed that Jesus was in the year was born. 0. The Bible provides some evidence, however, that the possibility of her birth comes closer to the spring, as the mention of farm shepherds makes more sense during the spring rather than the dead of winter.

Norse Christmas

The reason for celebrating the birth of Jesus on 25 December is probably very little from the Bible in the patchwork of religions that existed across Europe in the early fourth century, especially the various pagan religions, almost all of which took place in the coming winter. Celebrated As an important holiday. The winter solstice, the day when the Earth is at its greatest tilt and thus experiencing the longest night of the year, was especially important for pre-Christian European religions. Winter was always a difficult time for people, because survival depended on how much food could be cultivated and stored before the cold and snow and it took away a good deal of your nutrition opportunities. In plain English, you can forget death before spring, so you'd better party it.

The Norse festival of winter was known as the Yule, which the ancient Germanic people celebrated on the last day of their livestock by feasting, singing, decorating trees, and drinking wine. Some classic Christmas iconography, such as the Yule Log and the Christmas Tree, can be traced back to the evergreen tree, which was at the center of this pagan festival, representing the hope that life would outperform even the brutality of the climate. can give. For nothing, but the Norse god Odin was asked to zoom into the night sky on an eight-legged horse, which seems closer to the modern-day myth of Santa, which has been known for eight deer since the 1823s. Was drawn by

Pugs and Saturn

The commonly accepted theory by most historians about the celebration of Christmas on 25 December is that in the attempts to Christianize various pagan religions, the Romans essentially embraced their traditions, while also repeating them. This strategy can be seen more clearly in Halloween, which has its roots in the Celtic traditions of harvest festivals that honor the dead, and Christians named All Hallow Eve in honor of their own dead saints.

The Romans must also have stolen themselves when it comes to Christmas, as there are similarities between the Christian holiday and the ancient Roman celebration of Saturnalia, which honored the god of wealth and renewal. Every year in December, the Romans exchanged gifts, lit candles, and treated each other more kindly and cautiously despite their social status, hoping that Saturn would give them a bounty in the coming year (gods, not planets) Will reward you with harvest.

Winter sun god

For all the European pagan influences on Christmas symbolism and traditions, we may need to revisit the Middle East to find a concrete answer to the December 25th question, especially the ancient Iranian sun god Mithra. This god, who was well known to the Roman Empire well before the rise of Christianity in the fourth century, was born in a similar miraculous way, said to be born of the Rock. Over time, the myth was transformed into a Roman mythic mystery, a secret religion that honored God. In Rome, it was transformed into Sol Invictus, which was settled on 25 December, 247 BC. A temple was dedicated to. A festival in honor of Sol was also held on 25 December.

As Christian influence occupied Rome, many viewed Jesus as the de facto incarnation of the sun god and thus perhaps accepted this day of commemoration as his date of birth. In a way, it tolerates tolerance for the old religions while building a cultural path towards monotheism, especially Christianity, without the use of domination or violence. After all, who needs a spear and sword to contain and assimilate you?

Christmas in recent years

The pagan roots of Christmas, ironically, are centuries after many Christians celebrated the holiday. In the American colonies, for example, many Puritans despised and even banned Christmas celebrations because of their so-called heavy roots. It was not until the great American writer Washington Irving, best known for Sleepy Hollows, called St. Nicholas's satire the History of New York in 1809 that the spirit of the holiday had really ceased in the states.

The 19th century was the birth of Christmas as we know it today, with books like A Christmas Carol bursting into the mainstream in 1843 and cartoons of Thomas Nast in the 1860s, burning the image of the red-friendly, jolly, fat Santa Claus . The mind of the American public since then. By that decade, businesses had figured out how to earn the day by selling decorations and children's toys, and the United States finally made Christmas on June 26, 1870, a nationally celebrated holiday.

So was Jesus born on 25 December? Probably not, but that does not make those celebrating Christmas any less important or less meaningful.


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  2. Jesus was born 31 March 3 BC at around 8:20 AM local time and became the Christ on 4 March 33 AD at sunrise local time. Prince Gutama became the Buddha on 25 December 413 BC at sunrise local time. Christ and Buddha both have the same soul or essence, and are known as the 'Infinite Soul' Avatar as was Lao Tzu and Sri Kristna. This 'Infinite Soul' Avatar may have manifested on 16 June 2008 at 8:00 AM EST +/- 1 (or 1.5) hours in the Americas and may be known as the Maitreya.

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    2. What a load of tripe. The flocks were still in the fields, they wouldn't have been in the fields in March OR December. They would have been in the fields in September towards the end of the growing season still grazing. Using the dates the priests were in the Tabernacle and Elizabeth, John the Baptists mother and cousin to Mary the mother of Jesus. The date has been pinned to late September and when you count back 9 months that would put conception approximately December 25th, the day we celebrate his birth which was in reality what we call conception. It is however the day GOD in the flesh appeared on this earth as he started to grow in the womb, on this earth that day. So Jesus was birthed in the womb from heaven onto this earth that day. What are humans, dust of the earth. From dust you came and from dust you shall return. Jesus was a Virgo, born of a Virgin and he was circumcised 8 days later during the Feast of the Tabernacles. Both his actual birth date and his circumcision were done on holy days as GOD was wont to do and would have ordained his one and only son on previously ordained holy days as a sign to all the world.

    3. Spring starts around 21 March. It does not get that cold in Israel/Palestine. Augustus Caesar issues a decree that a census of the Roman empire be taken in the spring of 3 BC (possibly for the ultimate purposes of taxation). So the Romans bribed the Jewish priests to have people return to the head of the household's home town for the census and the priests decreed that on that year, 3 BC, Passover would be held at the birth place of the head of the household (usually a male). Passover would begin at midnight on 30 March that day so they had to find a shelter by that time. Passover was a big deal for the ancient Hebrews. As there were many out of town Hebrews returning to the Jerusalem/Bethlehem area, the inns were full and Mary and Joseph had to find shelter in a stable. Da Vicnci, a Remote Viewer, sensed this 'grotto like' location:
      Incidentally, da Vinci accurately portrayed what Jesus, His wife Mary Magade and his disciples looked like. Jesus (then Christ), Mary and His disciples looked like. In da Vinci's sketch he shows 13 disciples, not 12 like the Pope wanted on the Last Supper Fresco. Notice that Jesus/Christ and Mary are both strawberry blonds. Believe it or not, da Vinci was a skilled enough artist to paint the image of a woman if he wanted to. In my opinion, Mary Magele was like an Italian/Egyptian mixture woman.

  3. Jesus was born on the 1st day of the Feast of Tabernacles! In the year 5 BCE, this fell in the month of September.

    1. Augustus Caesar issues a decree that a census of the Roman empire be taken in the spring of 3 BC (possibly for the ultimate purposes of taxation).
      Joseph and a pregnant Mary arrive in Bethlehem (6 miles from Jerusalem) on Saturday just before their (non kosher) Passover begins at sundown on 30 March and seek shelter.
      The Bible records that Jesus was born when Quirinius (Luke 2:2) was governor of Syria. Sherwin-White records that Quirinius had the first of his dual regencies as governor of Syria from 3 to 2 BC
      10. A. N. Sherwin-White; ROMAN SOCIETY AND ROMAN LAW IN THE NEW TESTAMENT; Oxford; 1983; pp. 164-166. Quirinius had a dual governor-ship, one in 3-2 BC and another in 6-7 AD.


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  5. "The god not the planet"

    Just like that, everything in this article is a farce.

    Jesus is the Sun of god, the LIGHT of the world, the truth and the LIGHT, who comes in on a CLOUD, RADIATING GLORY from ABOVE. The lamb(aries) of god who takes away the sin(winter) of the earth.

    1. Of the worship of symbols or idolatry, in which Volney's historical orator says, "Japanese! Your bull which breaks the egg of the world, is merely that of the heavens, which, in times of yore, opened the age of creation, the equinox of spring. Rabbins jews! That same bull is the Apis worshipped in Egypt, which your ancestors adored in the idol of the golden calf."

      But says our critic, "what is it to us if Apis, the calf of gold, made by the Hebrews at Horeb, and that sacrificed in the mysteries of mithra, are the same?"

      It may be replied, that these identities are sufficient to confirm the elucidation given to us in the ruins, and which identities are demonstrated to be extended to such diversification, and to be found extant in so many systems of theology;- to continue with volneys historical orator respecting the identities of the celestial bull, TAURUS." It is also, your bull, children of zoroaster! Which sacrificed in the symbolic mystery of mithra, shed a blood fertilizing to the world."

      "And lastly, your bull of the apocalypse, Christians! With his wings, a symbol of the air, can have no other origin. Your lamb of God, immolated the th bull in the mysteries of mithra, for the salvation of the world, is the self same sun in the sign of the celestial lamb, aries, which in a subsequent age, opening the equinox in his turn, was deemed to rid the world of the reign of evil. That is to say, of the serpent, the large snake, hydra, the mother of winter, the emblem of ahrimanes, or satan of the Persians, your institutors. Yes! Vainly does your imprudent zeal consign idolaters to the torments of tartarus and hell for which they and you have invented for them. THE WHOLE BASIS OF YOUR SYSTEM IS NOTHING MORE THAN THE WORSHIP OF THE STAR OF DAY, for which whos attributes you have heaped upon, your chief personage. It is the sun, which, under the name horus, like your God, was born in the arms of the celestial virgin, and passed through an obscure, indigent, and destitute childhood, answering to the season of cold and frost. It is the sun, which under the name of osiris, was persecuted by Typhon and the tyrants of the air, was put to death, laid in a dark tomb, the emblem of the hemisphere of winter on the zodiac, and which rising afterwards from the inferior zone, to the highest point of heaven, awoke triumphant over giants and destroying angels. Ye priests! From whom the murmurs proceed. You wear yourselves its signs all over your body. Your tonsure is the disk of the sun, your stole is its zodiac, your rosaries, symbols of the stars and planets. Pontiffs and prelates! Your mitre, your crozier, your mantle, are all emblems of osiris. And the crucifix of which you boast the mystery, without comprehending it, is the cross of serapis, traced by the hands of Egyptian priests on the plan of the figurative world, which passing through the equinoxes and tropics, became the symbol of everlasting life and resurrection, for it touched the gates of ivory and horn, for which the soul was to pass on it's way to heaven."


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