EXCLUSIVE Revealed: Woman, 50, 'arrested for sitting on bench' is Covid conspiracy theorist who believes virus is 'no worse than getting the sniffles' as police say video was 'stage managed' by anti-lockdown protesters

  • 50-year-old Marcia Baker was arrested by three police officers for 'sitting on a bench'
  • Footage of Saturday's arrest in Bournemouth was posted and shared online
  • Ms. Baker is a Kovid conspiracy theorist who believes Kovid is 'sniffing'.
  • He is known for participating in anti-lockdown protests in the Bournemouth area

Kovid, a woman allegedly arrested for sitting on a bench, is a conspiracy theorist who believes the virus is no worse than 'sniffing', MailOnline can reveal.

Tattoo artist Marcia Baker was arrested in a Bournemouth park on Saturday by three officers.

In the video, which was widely shared online, she tells him: 'I was sitting on a bench.'

But Marcia, 50, is well known within the Bournemouth area for her lockdown protest and participated in an anti-lockdown protest in the city on Saturday before her arrest.

The single mom admitted that she participated in the protests, but was only in Bournemouth on Saturday to gather at the beach with her elderly father.

"I have been in previous protests but this time I decided to go to Bournemouth with my elderly father to walk on the beach and pick up some seashells," he said.

'I used to spend hours in cells and were called laughter-joking theorists.'

A friend who went out with him with his Kovid conspiracy theories said: 'He's been into all kinds of conspiracy theories for quite some time, but he became more paranoid when the epidemic started last year.

Kovid conspirator Marcia Baker believes the virus is no worse than 'sniffing', and is well known within the Bournemouth area for resisting lockdown.

The 50-year-old had participated in an anti-city protest in the city on Saturday before being arrested on charges of 'sitting on a park bench'.

'She was going to tell everyone that coronovirus is no worse than sniffing and it was an attempt to control all of us.

'I couldn't take it anymore and he had to stop speaking. He can't believe the virus is present, it drives the stuff that comes with it completely insane.

Marcia works at the Black Pearl Tattoo Studio in Bournemouth and is the mother of two daughters who are in their 20s.

Her friend said: 'If there is a demonstration against the lockdown, it is Marcia.

'Her thoughts are very careless, but there is no argument with her because she is convinced that Kovid is a big conspiracy.'

The footage, which has been widely shared online, shows three police officers around Marcia in Bournemouth leaving her home more than once a day.

The clip then shows her being handcuffed and taken away by the officers as she repeatedly tells them: 'I was sitting on a bench.'

But Dorset Police announced that the video was 'planned, stage-managed and recorded' by members of an anti-protest group.

Dorset Police Assistant Chief Constable Mark Callaghan said: 'We believe the video was planned, stage-managed and recorded by members of the protest group protesting in several areas, many of whom engage and His details were refused to be provided.

'If people refuse to give their details in such circumstances it leaves the officers with little choice but to arrest until the details are established.'

But Marcia disputed police claim that he managed the stage from the incident that led to his arrest for sitting on a bench on Bournemouth beach.

She said that she had been involved in previous anti-lockdown protests, but had come to the beach with her elderly father to take a walk, walk on the beach and have some coffee.

She claims that she spent many hours in cells where she was laughed at and called a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Ms Baker, a single mother, said: 'I am angry at the police for saying that it was staged because it is not true.

The footage showed a woman leaving three nearby police officers to leave the house more than once a day.

'I have been in previous protests, but this time I decided to go to Bournemouth to walk the beach with my elderly father and choose some sea lanes.

'We were sitting on the bench for an hour drinking coffee and talking to some people and then suddenly six coppers made a way for us.

'They asked me to leave and I lifted my bag but then they surrounded me to put a cuff on me.

'I was just drinking a cup of coffee which I didn't think was a crime.

'I don't know the person who took the video. It was a random binder. Police was arresting everyone.

'I spent hours in cells and were called theorists of laughter.

'I asked what law I had broken and they would say no. They just said that I was violating the rules.

'Until finally I pay the fine, they let me go without any charges. I don't know how much it is. '

The tattoo artist admitted that she was against lockdown, adding: 'I did nothing wrong. it was horrible. I do not believe in lockdown because I am a small business owner.

"Because of this my shop has been closed twice and I am losing my livelihood."

On her Facebook page, Marcia posted a statement from the organizers of Saturday's performance stating: 'Bournemouth Echo, we will take legal advice from you after suggesting we' staged 'tomorrow's events.

'This is clearly not because you and the Dorset Police are afraid of coming back after yesterday's fascist officers went viral.

'You are spreading pure lies to cover up the total quarrels of your nefarious actions and what you claim to be a' police force '. "See you all in court."

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