Beauty pageant for female prison wardens in Russia - with guards made to dance and parade in uniforms and evening gowns - sparks fury

  •  Uniform and evening wear by mostly male jury and internet poll
  • They also present a video which shows them dancing and glamorizing their jobs.
  • But campaigners have attacked the contest to 'objectify women' A beauty pageant for female Russian prison officers has been blasted by activists for 'objectifying women'.

In the Miss Penal System Contest 2021, female guards from across Russia present a short video in which they are expected to dance, glamorize their profession, advertise the beauty of their region and pretend they belong to a museum. are object.

They also submit photos of themselves in their prison uniforms and evening wear, which will be judged by a mostly male panel as well as an online poll before a winner is chosen.

Women's rights campaigner, Nastya Krasilnikova, called the event 'tragic' and said it encourages people to see contestants as mere objects – 'which can be admired, craved for' , but it is not interesting in any other way.'

Veronica Shved, a prison officer in the Chelyabinsk region near the border with Kazakhstan, poses in uniform and evening wear as part of a beauty pageant

Tatiana Gritsenko, a prison officer from the Saratov region near the city of Volgograd, poses for photos presented as part of a beauty pageant

Anastasia Okolova of the Samara region, on the Volga River, is second in an internet poll to find 'Miss Penal System 2021'.

Lieutenant Diana Sait, a resident of the mountainous Tuva Republic of Siberia, is leading in Internet voting today

Indira Farsina of Tatarstan ranks third in Internet voting and counts Coco Chanel among her ideals

Ekaterina Vasilyeva from the Vladimir region near Moscow wanted to be a model before going to prison service with her family - according to her profile

Lieutenant Daria Stroganova, a graduate in law, was posted to work in the Arctic city of Murmansk.

Senior Lieutenant Indira Farsina of Tatarstan, third in Internet voting, said she is guided by the Coco Chanel saying: 'Everything is in our hands, so they cannot be left.'

Senior Lieutenant Valeria Agoyan of the Ulyanovsk region graduated three years ago and now works in a women's penal colony in the Kurgan region.

Zlatoust's senior lieutenant Veronica Schwed is a champion Muggle skier.

Lieutenant Tatiana Gritsenko combines work as a warder with singing.

Ensign Veronika Unzhakov studied for a degree in jurisprudence before entering prison service in the Kemerovo region of Siberia.

Lieutenant Daya Tarasevich said she wanted to 'protect the law' from childhood.

The final verdict will be held in Moscow on Friday night.

Ms Krasilnikova said before the event: 'Although she is wearing a uniform, these pictures are about so called beauty.

'Why is objectification bad? Because it teaches women to behave not as living beings, but as objects.

'As objects that can be admired, which can be longed for, but they are not interesting in any other way ... it is sad and bitter.'

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