The First Horror Movie Was Made In 1896


It's easy to forget how old movies are as an art form, and that goes double for horror movies. The genre relies so heavily on modern special effects that it may seem like it could not have existed before their arrival, but horror didn't begin with Michael Myers or Freddie Kruger. It all started with a mostly forgotten clip called Le Manoir du Diable, produced by Georges Mélis, which dates back to 1896.

Georges Melieso
Born in Paris, Georges Mélis was trained in stage design, playwriting and puppetry since childhood. After becoming a successful businessman, he bought his own theater and devoted himself to the entertainment business, just as "moving pictures" were growing in popularity. Dissatisfied only with screening others' films, he soon bought a camera and got down to the business we call shows.

With his background in theater and stage design, Melius understood the limits of live theater and the exciting possibilities of film, experimenting with a variety of techniques to create special effects. One of his most important findings was the result of his camera jamming, causing objects to appear and disappear on film. Mélis repeated the effect to produce haunting images in newfound horror genre films, the first of which was Le Manoir du Diable.

Le Manor Du Diable

Le Manoir Du Diable, literally "Devil's House" but known in English as The Haunted Castle, is only three minutes long, but it packs a lot into those 180-odd seconds. It begins with a bat flying around a moody castle who in the blink of an eye turns into a man who pulls a smoking pan and a hunched assistant out of thin air to help make him a woman. and immediately dismissed him in another room. reason. Soon, a pair of men arrive to investigate an ongoing investigation, but after one flees in fear, the other is surrounded by bats, skeletons and ghostly figures that appear out of nowhere before encountering the demonic sorcerer. give. In the end, he drives Satan out of his own palace with a large cross.

Sinister Legacy

Mélis went on to produce several more horror films, including 1897's L'Auberge Ansorlie (The Bewitched Inn) and 1898's La caverne maugite (The Cave of the Demons). He is also credited with producing the first horror comedy, 1896's Une nuit terrible (A Terrible Night), in which an insomniac ends in a comedic battle with a giant spider. These films were known for their groundbreaking special effects that dazzled audiences and inspired filmmakers both contemporary and futuristic, paving the way for your favorite supernatural slasher.


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