Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes


In the early days of Halloween festivities, the holiday maintained its original focus on the macabre. Instead of princesses and firefighters or even friendly ghosts and human serial killers, kids wore costumes that made them look like straight out of the hell.

Homemade Dress

A century ago, there were no spirited Halloween pop-up stores to help people find the perfect outfit. Instead, moms dutifully stitched together masks, hoods, and cloaks from cast-offs. As a result, each child wore a truly unique outfit that was a frightening mix of childhood innocence and demonic terror.

Supernatural, Supernatural

The traditional purpose of Halloween costumes is to trick the departed spirits and otherworldly nasties, who are said to return to Earth into thinking that the wearer is one of them, so they don't get attacked, hence the children. The costumes lean towards the supernatural. Ghosts and zombies to devils and demons.

Scary, Not Sexy

Those modern Halloween stores are full of costumes made from little fabrics of questionable transparency, but in the 19th and 20th centuries it was rare for adults to dress up at all. Even when they did, they embraced the morbid, haunting costumes of children that couldn't excite even the most gung-ho horror fan.

Victorian Halloween

Victorian England, with its obsession to death, was when Halloween was really starting to take off. Young adults were encouraged not only to wear costumes and participate in carnivals, but also to pair up with a furry demon of the opposite sex, which resulted in many couples meeting at Halloween parties. His costumes remained on the scary side for the most part, but he started adding characters like cats, clowns, Mother Goose and Little Bo Peep into the mix.

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