Violent pictures of North Korean anti-American propaganda art, 1950-1970

These propaganda pictures show how North Korea sees cooperation between the US and the West. They depict the alleged mass murder of Sinchon civilians between October and December 1950.

The regime claims that around 35,000 people were brutally tortured and executed by the US military during that time. Nightmare photos showed soldiers pulling out teeth, carving open skulls, and burning people alive.

After North Korea invaded its southern counterpart in 1950, the US dropped about 635,000 tons of explosives on North Korea, including 32,000 tons of napalm, during the Korean War.

Although the North Korean invasion prompted this retaliation, the country's then-leader, Kim Il-sung, quickly realized that the fear of this barrage of American shelling had become a major factor in the lives of his citizens.

Rather than let this fear cripple his population, Kim decided to use it as a propaganda tool against the United States and to support his regime. His government coined the vision of Americans as bloodthirsty killers carrying out the genocide of the people of North Korea.

The fear of this enemy advances Kim as the only person capable of defending himself from this existential threat and sparks resentment against him from within his ranks. This made people less likely to cooperate with the US military or to surrender.

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