57 Amazing Images With Little Known Stories From History

 Excessive tree felling crews since the late 1800s.

When you look back on history, there are moments you can't help but feel like you've lived. Big, sweeping, epic moments carved in stone. But even more fascinating are the stories that exist between the bullet points. These jaw-dropping pictures telling unknown stories are astonishing. Click ahead and plow with excitement through pictures and anecdotes about everything from World War II to the early years of Madonna and even Walt Disney.

We don't have that much. Mother Nature is an eye-opening take on natural disasters and indigenous peoples that you won't see until you participate in HD. Keep some eye drops handy because there is so much to learn and pictures that will astound you. ahead!

A picture of a time when men put their lives on the line to cut down trees and looked calm in doing so. Pruning of trees was a big time in the 19th century and it took teams of men to pollinate the upper branches of trees to create a more dense head of foliage at the top. In some cases, however, pruners were trying to protect the trees from becoming a threat.

It took an entire team to work on a tree of this size as it would be a huge undertaking for one or two people. Can you imagine how heavy are the branches holding the men to the top of the tree? Hopefully they are not afraid of heights.

An arctic explorer provides canned milk to a nursing polar bear while a cub plays with its feet (Russia, 1980)

Russian soldiers on patrol in the 1950s had one thing in abundance, condensed milk. On a routine military operation in the Chukchi Peninsula, soldiers found large numbers of polar bears that were not doing well in -40 Fahrenheit weather. The bears and their cubs were starving and shivering from the cold, so the soldiers did everything possible to help the poor animals.

Soldiers would open cans of condensed milk to the polar bears who licked it clean and then fed it to their cubs. When conditions are as harsh as they are in Soviet winters, everyone and everything has to stick together.

A classic Hoover ad from 1953

There's nothing like getting a nice piece of equipment for Christmas, and when it's as pretty as a new Hoover vacuum who wouldn't want to take one of these bad boys under the tree? Of course, shape is a dead gift, so you might want to wrap it in a box instead of wrapping it on its own. The 60s were the peak of such commercials that emphasized that women absolutely loved doing housework. As it seems now, there's something inviting about this ad.

The font, colors, and actual of the piece are truly stunning, as is the "P.S. For Husbands" bottom that tells them a little secret about how little this item costs—only $69.99. This is a theft.

A man promoting himself during the Great Depression. (1930)

The Great Depression completely ruined the American spirit. The stock market crash of October 1929 wiped out millions of investors, and it immediately halted factory jobs, ensuring that farms had no way of selling their goods. You were lucky if you had a job during the Great Depression.

The fellow in this photo embodies the many Americans of the time who were masterfully skilled but not kind. Not that he could raise and even do the work of a picker, he had three children to take care of. The people did their best during the recession, and another war had to be waged to get the country out of it.

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