Born – And Died – On The Fourth Of July


Being born on the Fourth of July" is considered patriotic upon his arrival, so that would be a de facto point in favor of the presidential candidate. If nothing else it makes a great campaign slogan. However, only one US president was born on America's Independence Day, although three of them died on the Fourth of July. In fact, exactly 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, two people died on the same day that year.

Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge made his grand entrance into the world on July 4, 1872. Coolidge came from a prominent and well-connected New England family, so great things were likely within his reach, but his goal was to become a sober country advocate. , Nevertheless, his birthright called for him, so he held various government positions until he was elected governor of Massachusetts. His response to the Boston police strike of 1919 brought him national attention and a reputation as a leader in charge, so the following year, he was elected vice president. In 1923, when President Warren G. After Harding died in office, Coolidge became the 30th President of the United States.

Adams, Jefferson, and Hamlin

As the founding fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were instrumental in the founding of the new United States. Both signed the Declaration of Independence, and they became the second and third US presidents, respectively. By 1826, he was one of only a few surviving Founding Fathers, and on Independence Day, that number dwindled even further. Adams, 90, and chronically ill, comforted himself as he died, "Thomas Jefferson is still alive," but unfortunately, the former president's last words weren't true. Just five hours ago, 83-year-old Jefferson passed away at his lavish Virginia estate, Monticello.

Adams and Jefferson, who were both vice presidents before taking office, weren't the only vice presidents who died on the Fourth of July. Hannibal Hamlin, who was vice president under Abraham Lincoln from 1861 to 1865, died on July 4, 1891, in Bangor, Maine.

James Monroe

His health began to decline shortly after James Monroe's presidential term ended. After the death of his wife in 1830, he moved to the home of his daughter and her husband in New York City, where he died of heart failure on July 4, 1831. His demise meant that three of the first five US presidents died. On the Independence Day of the country.

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