Heinrich Himmler, Architect Of The Holocaust


Heinrich Himmler today stands as one of history's great villains, most infamous for being one of the main architects of the meteorite rise and the Holocaust at Hitler's right hand. Born on October 7, 1900, Himmler had a very typical middle-class German upbringing and did well in school to attend the Technical University of Munich, where he studied agriculture. After his graduation, however, Himmler found himself jobless and quickly became enamored with conspiracy theories popular in his field, which reflected the economic and economic problems faced by Germany at the foot of the European Jewish population after World War I. Blame it all about cultural conflicts.

In 1923, Himmler joined the Nazi Party, volunteering to be part of the Sturmabteilung (S.A.), and participated in the Beer Hall Putsch, the failed coup that landed Hitler in prison for nine months. Himmler read everything Hitler wrote and became obsessed with his worldview, as detailed in his book, Mein Kampf. Although he never made much of himself, Himmler managed to marry the wealthy and used this new social mobility to rise through the political ranks, the first being the paramilitary group Schutzstaffel, or SS. until 1930.

In 1933, Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany and moved rapidly to consolidate his power. Although the SA had been steadfast and loyal to Hitler since the days of the Beer Hall Putsch, he saw them as unnecessary when he was a de facto army and their leader, Ernst Röhm, was a threat. Dutifully, Himmler forged documents to legitimize the lie that Röhm was about to strike and helped Hitler coordinate a violent purge that over the course of three days killed several of the SA's higher-ups as the Knight of the Long Knife. to go as

For some time, the Nazi Party seemed invincible, and Himmler was there to absorb power and fulfill any and all of Hitler's wishes. Himmler had complete control over Germany's spy network and police forces, although he had little regard for the actual legal code, once remarking that "violation of the law is not my concern." He only cared about maintaining and gaining power for the Nazi Party. He focused less on justice and more on creating racially superior Germans, insisting that every soldier of an SS father has at least one child, disregarding social norms such as monogamy, and claiming It was the duty of an Aryan woman to produce on behalf of the state.

By the end of 1941, Hitler believed he had found a solution to the so-called "Jewish question" and that all "undesirable" people living in German and German-occupied lands, including Jews, Roma, any other ethnic minorities. was ordered to be destroyed. Seen as racially "pure," homosexuals, people with disabilities, and religious or political opponents. Seeing that there were millions of people involved, Hitler entrusted the dirty work of logistics to Himmler, who used the opportunity to uncover the absolute horrors inflicted throughout Western Europe. The initial idea of ​​an "action squad", which would follow forces into occupied territory and massacre "undesirable" territory, was effective but messy and demoralizing for many Nazi soldiers.

Himmler first attempted to send vans filled with poison gas to kill people in the area, but this was costly and inefficient, so he ordered concentration camps, especially Auschwitz, to be equipped with gas chambers. When victims arrived, those who were able were kept alive long enough to work (or starve) to die, while the rest were immediately sent to gas chambers. When Himmler visited Auschwitz, he saw himself hanged through a peephole in the door and once remarked, "Stepping on corpses is the curse of great men."

But for all his adoration of Hitler, it is believed that the loyal right-hand man turned to him as soon as it was clear that Germany was about to lose. While Hitler hid in his bunker, Himmler presented himself to several European leaders, including a representative of the World Jewish Congress, to negotiate peace deals. While he meant to covert his own disguise in secret, BBC The story leaked, and a furious Hitler discovered Himmler's actions. He called for Himmler to be captured but he died before the order could be fulfilled. Meanwhile, Himmler forged identity cards and disguised himself as a regular German soldier, but was eventually arrested and identified. On May 25, 1945, during an examination, he bitten the capsule of poison hidden in his mouth and died.


  1. You mean the Holohaux, right? Where jews were married and had children in the WORK camps? Now I know not to click on any of these idiotic "articles", since this site pushes the lies of the jew about a holohaux.

    1. Well said, it only takes a quick look at the results of the World Almanacs census figures to see there was an increase in Jews btw 1933 and 1948, also there were only 2.4 million in the occupied territories at the time but 3.8 million applied for free money after six million were killed without trace, just another hoax.


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