Kim Jong Il Myths: A Prodigy With Superhuman Powers

 From 1994 until his death on 17 December 2011, Kim Jong Il was the Supreme Leader of North Korea. Throughout his time as leader of the sage country, he displayed peculiar tendencies and displayed his wildest whims, while his men were put to death and forced to work until They didn't fall. For 17 years, he controlled one of the world's most secretive and oppressive governments, promoting himself as a godly figure. Let's see if we can settle the facts versus the Kim Jong-il myths.

His birth was predicted through communist mythology

When was the last time a leader's ascent was foretold as if they were a Norse god? According to his official biography, when Kim Jong Il was born on February 16, 1942 on Mount Paekdu, a double rainbow appeared on the mountain, as winter turned to spring, a bright star rose in the sky, and a swan Got down and flew to the Herald. The commoner who will rule the world." The child who came in with so much fanfare is said to have been a gifted genius, who took his first steps at three weeks old and spoke his first words only five weeks later. Of course, of these None are true, including the date and place of his birth. This was actually the previous year in the Soviet Union, and presumably, no big part was played by the swans in it, but it's not a very good story, is it?

Most interesting man in the world

According to his official biographer, Kim was more than a prodigious genius; He was a superhuman being whose abilities were indicated from the moment he was born. It was said, he could change the seasons at will, make the trees bloom and the snow melt if he felt that summer was about to begin. Kim was also reportedly a "genius of 10,000 talents", whose literary prevalence rivaled that of Stephen King, believed to have written 1,500 books in the four years he spent at the university. He didn't stop at art either; He was also a talented athlete. He only played golf once, legend has it, he hit 11 hole-in-ones and called it a day.

  He was a movie buff

Kim Jong Il also loved watching movies when he wasn't working his weather wizardry or writing thousands of books while scoring miraculous golf victories. The well-rounded movie watcher loved movies starring Elizabeth Taylor, but he may have come into his own in the 1980s, as he had a special love for Friday the 13th and Rambo. He was determined to make North Korea the new Hollywood, but nurturing local talent is for mortals, so instead, he kidnapped South Korean power couple Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee and sent them to the monk country. forced to direct films. After making a series of films such as Love, Love, My Love and Salt for Kim, he managed to escape the country in 1986.

He imprisoned anyone he didn't like

Anyone who crossed Kim was not only turned away, they were sent to the Quanlisso camps, penal labor colonies for the enemies of the state. As of 2011, there were at least 200,000 North Koreans in these camps, where prisoners face starvation and abuse at the hands of their guards. To end up in one of these camps, the only thing a person has to do is relate to someone who has angered the North Korean government. Kim Jong Il was so supportive of this system that he even forced the children born in these camps to work with their parents.

Kim Enjoyed Meal While Her People Were Hungry

One of Kim's most famous tendencies was her love of food. He used his considerable wealth to pay for food items around the world and took the world's best chefs to North Korea to prepare it, which wouldn't be as bad on the scale of things if it were actively leading to famine. Wasn't killing millions of North Koreans.

While Kim reenacted the "Be Our Guest" scene from Beauty and the Beast, her constituents were given food through the government's public distribution system. They were instructed to eat only what they were given and were told that participating in any sale of rice, corn, or other culinary staples was "anti-socialism". Under his rule, North Koreans were only allowed modest kitchen gardens where they could grow some vegetables if they were lucky.

Throughout his rule, market sweeps carried out by government officials who took food from the people resulted in a catastrophic shortage of food. Needy North Koreans were forced to forage for leaves and nettle to make soup or eat food not fit for human consumption. former US Agency for International Development administrator Andrew S. Natsios described a regular meal for North Koreans:

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