Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip: Their Adorable, Quirky Relationship Living In Britain's Highest Class

In America, our cutest and dearest couples don't stand the test of time. From Liz and Dick to "Brangelina," the watchful eye of the public has proven to be too much for famous couples to handle time and time again. Across the pond, however, lives a couple whose relationship has faced incredible oversight, the rejection of some of the world's most powerful people, and the early rise of a queen. Apparently, that pair is Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, whose love has lasted for more than 70 years. Over such a long period of time, every wedding turns out to be a rollercoaster, but it's especially twisty and turny in the royal family.

Not ideal conditions

The story of the future Queen and Prince being together could have come straight from a Hollywood movie. Of course, both Elizabeth and Philip being royals, their paths crossed at times, but not exactly in good circumstances. When they first met, Philip's life was in utter chaos. His father had left the family to live with his mistress in Monte Carlo, his mother was living in a psychiatric hospital, and he had to be sent to the best boarding school his relatives could find. Thankfully, those rough starts didn't spoil their first meeting and ended the young love before it even started.

love at first sight...for the queen

At the time of their first meeting, Queen Elizabeth was only eight years old, and Philip was 13-- certainly a little too early for love. However, when Elizabeth visited the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth five years later in 1939, the hands of fate completely played their part. Two cadets acting as Elizabeth's guides came down with mumps, so Philip stepped in their place. He had an amazing time as Philip, then an 18-year-old strapping lad, showing Elizabeth around, especially entertaining her by jumping over a tennis net. Frustrated, the young future queen began writing letters to Philip and placed a framed picture of him on her bed. Philippe has yet to return the sentiment---after all, five years is a huge difference at that age---but he found their correspondence to be an "entertaining diversion".

Is On

When a woman like Queen Elizabeth decides she needs something, she tries to get it. By the time Philip visited Windsor Castle for Christmas in 1943, after years of exchanging letters, he was helpless against the allure of the future Queen. (A performance by Aladdin starring the Queen is said to have particularly impressed him.) Elizabeth continued to have her picture on her cover, but until then, the future prince had also taken a picture of Elizabeth during the war as his own. Took to take along.

Rejected by King George IV

The final obstacle in their love came at the hands of Elizabeth's father, which was a bit bigger than would usually have happened, as he was literally the King of England. While Philip was of royal blood, he did not have much money, and was known to have a "tough personality". Still, the queen gets what the queen wants, even though she was not yet on the throne. After some decidedly tense negotiations, King George offered his terms: he would agree to their marriage if they kept their engagement a secret for a year because of Elizabeth's young age. Additionally, he insisted that Philip renounce his titles and bar his sisters from marriage. (He was married to the Germans, and the war was still fresh.) Philip also gave up smoking cigarettes, mostly giving up his surname, and sacrificing his privacy for the rest of his life. As they say, anything for the queen.

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