Unedited Photos Captured From The Past

 Norma Jean, 17, known as Marilyn Monroe, in 1943.

These rare photos reveal layers of the past that one can appreciate. From ancient ruins and old industries to former fads and modern icons. Collected here are interesting photos you've probably never seen, but should. What better way to challenge our assumptions and explore the past than with the help of pictures? We discover new things about political figures, icons of popular culture, and can even gain insight into old practices and important historical events.

Here we have 17-year-old Norma Jean, before she became known as the great Marilyn Monroe. His life was opposite in many ways…. She was co-dependent (on the emotional front) despite being rich and successful. She was extremely insecure despite being a sex and beauty icon. Despite her outgoing nature, she was so shy growing up that she began to stutter. She continued to flaunt for the cameras, but behind the scenes, she remained shy and very insecure throughout her life. Marilyn Monroe could never completely get rid of her stammer. It was the dictation lessons that helped him make the mask for the job.

2,000 year old Roman theater in Libya.

The ancient Roman theater Leptis Magna pictured here is located on the Mediterranean coast in Sabratha, Sabratha, Libya. The site was originally a Phoenician trade-post but became part of the Roman Empire, and monuments to it were built in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. Leptis Magna was once a major city in Roman Libya. The city fell to the Vandals in 439 and rejoined the Eastern Empire in 533. It fell to the Muslim invasion in c. 647 and was then abandoned. The ruins of Leptis Magna lie along the coast where Wadi Lebda meets the sea. This particular site as a whole is one of the best preserved Roman ruins in the Mediterranean.

100 year old halloween photo. very nice!

Look at these little goblins! Forget Avengers costumes, this old photo captures a time when kids really knew how to dress up and terrify you on Halloween. These kids definitely had the right idea! Samhain is believed to be a time when all the dead can return to earth and walk among the living. They spread mischief, damaged crops, and probably dragged innocent people back into the underworld with them before dawn. That's why people wear masks and cloaks and weird hats to make themselves look like ghosts, ghosts and witches in an effort to mingle with the things that pop up at night.

3,000 people helping to build the 810 feet high Chase Manhattan Bank in New York in August 1964.

Check out this poignant photo of the 3,000 men who helped build the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. Can you imagine rising up in the air next to the window sill of an unfinished building like this? Mad.

Chase National Bank and The Manhattan Company merged in 1955, thus creating The Chase Manhattan Bank. It wasn't until 1964 when this 810-feet-tall bad boy was erected among all the other massive structures that make up New York City. This photo was taken towards the end of construction.

3-year-old Robert De Niro with his 24-year-old father Robert De Niro Sr., 1946

Look at 3 years younger Robert De Niro! Even at that time he had a little tough guy. Here he is with his father, Robert De Niro Sr., who was 24 at the time. This little slugger grew up to become an iconic actor, with his first film being Brian De Palma's The Wedding Party, which was shot in 1963 and released in 1969. This role helped secure her collaboration with Martin Scorsese, which really launched her career.

In 1973 he was small-time criminal Johnny Boy in Scorsese's Mean Streets, and by 1974 he played the young Vito Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather Part II—which earned him his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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