Marilyn Monroe performing for the thousands of American troops in Korea, 1954

In February 1954, actress Marilyn Monroe traveled to Korea to entertain American soldiers. She performed a quickly thrown-out show titled Anything Goes to the Audience, which featured over 100,000 soldiers in 4 days.

The tour was also an opportunity for the film star to overcome stage fright. She commented that the Korea trip was "the best thing I've ever had to do. I've never felt like a star in my heart before. It was great to look down and see a fellow smile at me."

In a show where the start was delayed, the soldiers became frustrated and threatened to riot, so they had to cancel the opening act to get them on stage as soon as possible. The crowd loved him and they really enjoyed his journey. She looked amazing in her baggy army uniform.

Ted Sherman, who served in the Navy during World War II and Korea, recalled: "I was with a group of Navy guys who happened to be at Daegu Air Force Base when we heard that Marilyn would be entertained there that night.

We convinced our transport pilot to find something wrong with our R4D transport, so that we could delay our ship's return flight to Tokyo Bay for that one night.

It was a grand evening for all the householders who were dazzled by the performance of the movie star. The sight and voice of Marilyn singing 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend' is a memory I still cherish".

Monroe went to Korea with her husband Joe DiMaggio on their honeymoon in Japan. The baseball star was said to be annoyed by the fact that more fans turned out to see Marilyn than they were in Japan, and she refused to join him in Korea. Even in the early stages of their marriage, cracks started showing and they got divorced later that year.

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