Flying first class in the 1960s seen through amazing photographs

Life was simple once. The airline's flights had only one class for passengers. Initially, it was a very 'adventurous' class - with an open cockpit and a high rate of death.

It then evolved to become comparatively luxurious and ridiculously expensive, even expanding to sleeper suites – thought of as a modern introduction but in fact to flying boats in the late 1930s. dating back.

But then, in the early 1960s, first class was dialed back in terms of the luxury amenities offered, although more recently, it has been selectively extended once again.

Today's business class is functionally equivalent to yesterday's first class, and today's superior types of premium economy are on par with earlier business class products.

Sure, a small percentage of travelers still enjoy the comfort of first class today, but it was nothing like it before. Worse yet, economy class seats have become a hell of a tightrope, making these 1960s photos even more difficult to see.

Still, if you can live up to the resolution, it's an interesting look at the golden age of air travel (these photos are via the Swissair archives).

Once on a ship, the average passenger, even in economy, had plenty of legroom. In fact, today the merchant class is spatially much the same as the economy used to be. Once aboard, all service was free.

And because the hostess-to-passenger ratio was much higher than it is today, you could expect your every (non-sexy) need to be met almost immediately.

It should also be mentioned that the golden age of flight was an era of luxurious design, a time in which the experience of flying—from the look of the cabin to your hostess uniform, right down to the silverware—was envisioned. World's best designers.

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