Marilyn Monroe's Chilling Life In Unseen Vintage Photos

Join us on the journey of Marilyn Monroe's life - in pictures. This series of photos of the famous actress and sex symbol gives us a look at the life of Marilyn Monroe, formerly Norma Jean Mortensen, in a way we haven't seen her before.

We selected a photo from each year of her life — some iconic photos as well as wonderfully rare photos of her — as we describe her turbulent childhood, her rise to super-stardom, and her untimely death.

Quintessential Blonde Banged

One thing is certain, timing is everything, and what was certain was the story of Norma Jean's discovery and her transition into one of Hollywood's most glamorous leading ladies, Marilyn Monroe. She was the quintessential blonde bombshell, a sex symbol and the essence of Hollywood's golden age. But his life was not always full of fame and glitz. As the story goes, she inadvertently passed by Bruno Bernard on Sunset Boulevard during the summer of 1946. Impressed by her beauty, he gives her his card and the rest is history...

Norma Jean was born in 1926

Norma Jean Mortensen, also known as Marilyn Monroe, was born in Los Angeles on June 1, 1926, the third child of Gladys Pearl Baker. Gladys, the daughter of a Midwest farmer, moved to California and married John Newton Baker, about ten years older than her. After having Robert in 1917 and Bernice in 1919, Gladys filed for divorce. Gladys' second husband was Martin Edward Mortensen, whom she also divorced from. Norma Jean's father is unknown and, as a young actress, she used her last name of Baker.

He was placed in foster care in 1927

Monroe's mother, Gladys, was not financially and emotionally prepared to care for Marilyn when she was born. Shortly after her birth, the future Marilyn Monroe was placed in foster care. Monroe was placed in the rural town of Hawthorne with the Bolander family, Albert and Ida, evangelical Christians. Gladys lived with Bolanders while commuting to work in Los Angeles and trying to find some stability in her life. In 1927, Gladys could not continue commuting to work in the city. She moved back to L.A. leaving her young daughter with Bolanders full time.

1928... Mental health haunted Monroe from a young age

Monroe often says that one of her earliest memories of her mother was when she tried to cuddle him with a pillow in her crib. Her mother, Gladys, suffered from an unknown (at the time) mental illness and was prone to wild mood swings, depression, and suicidal tendencies. In fact, many members of Gladys' family were also battling mental illness. Monroe's uncle and her great-grandmother had all committed suicide... a fate that awaited Gladys as well. Mental illness also plagued Monroe throughout his life, and was the cause of his own untimely death.

Monroe's family was incredibly poor in 1929

Monroe's own childhood was marked by instability and financial difficulties. As an adult, Monroe wanted to have children of his own. She wanted to give him the childhood he had missed. it was not meant to be. Although Monroe became pregnant twice, both pregnancies ended in miscarriage. The public recently learned that Monroe's friend Frida Hull had taken some color photos of Monroe's baby bump, but those images were sold along with Hull's estate in 2016 and the whereabouts of Monroe's baby bump pictures were lost. Is. Hull once claimed that it was never explained to her that Monroe had lost her child due to a miscarriage or miscarriage.

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