These photos show terrifying and strange medical devices from history, 1900s-1950s

Medical science in the early parts of the 20th century had advanced greatly since the days of the medieval leech, but even so, most treatments and medical equipment were misguided and often barbaric by our modern standards.

Sounds good to mean, bizarre contraptions were created, claiming to help sick patients. A bit of pseudoscience and quackery were also added to the mix.

For years, scientists and doctors experimented with some really weird-looking devices that had questionable effects on patients, sometimes just being a placebo.

Whether it was because of a lack of research at the time, or opportunists out to make quick money – the field of medicine certainly went through strange times.

These old photos depict horrific healing procedures, terrifying medical devices, and ghostly medical devices, which in many cases had no real positive effect on patients.

This machine above was first introduced in Denmark in 1952. It was used by patients whose lungs were paralyzed. Oxygen was delivered through a rubber concertina reservoir bag, which was continuously compressed by an electric motor.

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