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 Celebrities are just normal people....except they are rich, famous, beautiful and incredibly talented. Celebrities take amazing pictures too. And we've got photos of celebrities captured in their natural habitat - like you've never seen them before. During the 70's and 80's, there was a show called Battle of the Network Stars. Not only did TV stars compete in athletic events, but it also allowed TV networks to feature actresses in skimpy and wet swimsuits for the purpose of pure excitement. And we have the pictures to prove it. Not only that, but we also have candid shots of old-time sex symbols like Buffalo Bill Cody, an 18-year-old John Candy, and Jamie Lee Curtis - years before she played a big role in the Halloween movie.

If that's not enough, we'll also show you how men were taught to kiss women in 1911 and what was on the breakfast menu the day the Titanic sank. Dive into a world of mystery, intrigue, and celebrities like you've never seen before.

Young Suzanne Summers Is Looking '70s Cool

We all know Suzanne Somers as the diggy blonde from the '70s sitcom, Three's Company. But the actress also had some notable roles before appearing on the iconic TV show. She appeared in the early George Lucas film, American Graffiti, as "Gorrie in the White Thunderbird". (Which also featured future Hollywood superstars.) In 1974, she also appeared in the uncredited role of "Topless Pool Girl" in the Clint Eastwood vehicle, Magnum Force.

Things got bad on the set of Three's Company in 1980. Somers demanded a salary bump from $30,000 to $150,000 per episode. This did not happen and his contract was not renewed. Lesson learned, don't be greedy.

Young Madonna had all that stuff back before she became famous back in 1974

Madonna Louise Ciccone has been the queen of pop - ever since she burst onto the scene back in the '80s. Surprisingly (or not), Madonna was raised by Catholic parents in the suburbs of Detroit. A purebred product of the Motor City, his father worked as an engineer designer for Chrysler and General Motors. Early on, Madonna's father inspired her to get into the arts by putting her in classical piano lessons and ballet classes. She was a straight A student in high school and was also a member of the cheerleading squad. Madonna won a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan - but dropped out to move to New York City to pursue her dream. And the rest is Madonna history!

Nearly 1.5 million balloons were released simultaneously at the 1986 Cleveland Balloonfest.

Sure looks like fun, but it didn't go over well. On September 27, 1986, 1.5 million helium-filled balloons were released as part of Balloonfest '86 in Cleveland; A fundraising effort organized by the United Way. The aim was to break the world record for the largest simultaneous balloon launch. It was meant to be whimsical and fun, but ended up being an environmental disaster. The balloons get caught in a storm and fall back to earth. Balloons also clouded the sky and a local airport had to close one runway. I'm pretty sure someone got fired for coming up with this stunt - because with 1.5 million balloons, what could go wrong?

Air conditioned lawn mowers from the 1950s

Why has it never caught on? The 1950s were a time of optimistic visions of a better tomorrow. And what could make suburban living better than the air-conditioned lawn mower of the future. On October 14, 1957, the future of lawn mowing took a new turn with a beautiful air-conditioned bubble; The rider could mow the lawn looking like a creature in some sort of futuristic zoo while riding in a five-foot clear field. Not only was this equipment air-conditioned, but it also contained an electrical generator that powered life necessities such as a radio telephone and a cold drink dispenser.

Barbara Rufus Was One of Drag Racing's Sexiest Ladies in the 1970s

Barbara Roofs was 29 years old, the mother of two children. She was one of the sexiest trophy girls on the Southern California drag racing scene in the 1970s. Her iconic pinup photos were taken by Tom West - a photographer who captured this amazing era of drag racing. West took a day job at General Mills in their marketing department. He was also fond of photography. West photographed Roofs when he got a gig with Revel/Monogram. The company wanted images of drag racing models. West will also photograph drag racing action at both ends of the track. Go west, go

Lynda Carter Was Always Daring in the 1970s

Because of her role as Wonder Woman, that 70s TV show, Lynda Carter was voted third in a recent AOL Poll: TV's Sexiest Women Ever. Sure Carter is a beauty, but did you know that she also performed many of her own stunts on Wonder Woman? well he did; Including hanging from a helicopter. This was much to the consternation of the network executives at ABC. She also appeared as a daredevil on the 1977 show Circus of the Stars. Carter was the target of darts being thrown by fellow actor David Janssen. Luckily he missed.

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