Rare Historical Photos Not Released Until Now

It's time to take a look at some pictures that will make you wish you had a time machine. Did you know that James Dean stole Marlon Brando's girlfriend shortly before his death? We have the photo to prove it. Do you remember that photo of Lynda Carter in a swimming cap that shocked the public? We've got that too. And we've seen Jim Morrison hang out in his home-built vocal booth (also known as the "bathroom" in some parts of the country). We've got classic photos from Woodstock, some sweethearts from the racing scene, and plenty of interesting facts about these small but fascinating moments in history to keep you from falling asleep at your desk.

Crack open a can of tabs and dive into these 56 pics that will have you reminiscing with your crew before you know it. read on!

Beastie Boys chasing Madonna around the stage with squirt guns in 1985.

Oh hey, it's two MCs and a famously over-sexed megastar. And one Madonna's "Virgin Tour" toured across America in 1985 with her tongue firmly in cheek. His opening act was none other than the Beastie Boys mainstay New York hip hop, but at the time they were just three punks who looked like they were crawling out of a sewer. In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, Beastie Boys' Ed Rock (not pictured) discussed how much the group had Madonna fans, and how much Madonna loved what was her worst performance ever.

She told Fallon, "We played the first couple shows and they hated us. She realized [the audience] hated us so much, that by the time she got on stage, it was the biggest thing she'd ever seen." his audience.

Robin Hilton impresses Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show in 1974

Good heavens Robin Hilton is smoking hot, but she doesn't want much as a conversationalist. Her appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1974 is truly one of the strangest viewing experiences. Carson tries to lead her through a standard interview but she has trouble telling what she's really showing. At the beginning of the interview change tactics and just start talking to her like they are on a very awkward first date.

The entire interview is genuinely genuine and worth watching in its entirety, especially if you need your daily dose of something serious.

James Dean and girlfriend Ursula Andress at a party in Los Angeles, 1955.

James Dean definitely was a badass, wasn't he? With East of Eden hitting theaters and his calling card Rebel Without a Cause yet to be released, Dean was so hot that he was able to pry 19-year-old Swedish actress Ursula Andress away from none other than Marlon Brando.

Dean and Andres were only together for a few short weeks, and this is the only real evidence that they were hooking up. Dean died about a month after this photo was taken when he crashed his Porsche Spyder 500 head-on into another car while flying down Route 466 toward Paso Robles. After the death of Dean Andres Dr. no. Appeared as Honey Ryder.

Baby you can drive my car! John Lennon's psychedelic Rolls-Royce Phantom V and George Harrison's Mini Cooper S.

Come back! These fine and strange automobiles could only belong to the people who turned the world of rock music on its head with the British Invasion before going weird in India with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. While Lennon's approach to painting his Rolls-Royce Phantom V in all kinds of psychedelia was somewhat of a dig at the English upper crust, Harrison was all about peace and love when he set out to design his 1966 Mini Cooper S. Came for

The designs on his car were drawn directly from Mechanism Art: Its Philosophy and Physics, and he apparently thought the designs were too goofy. After all, this is the same man who once said, "I'm the biggest lunatic around. I'm totally comical, you know? I love craziness. I wanted to be in the Beatles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger standing between Wilt Chamberlain and Andre the Giant on the set of "Conan the Destroyer" in 1984.

Isn't Arnie supposed to be um... big? or something else? did someone cut it short? Or has a witch cast a spell on him? Okay so none of those things happened, she just stands between Wilt Chamberlain and Andre the Giant, easily the two greatest moms to ever grace the silver screen. This photo was taken while filming Conan the Destroyer, which was not so big in 1984 for Conan the Barbarian. You may remember it as the movie where a mirror magician transforms into a giant bird and captures a princess. Or maybe you're like the rest of America and haven't seen it.

You know why Wilt Chamberlain was on set, he co-starred as Bombetta in the movie, but why was Andre the Giant on set? At the end of the movie Conan fights a very horned demon named Dagoth (seriously, he has a giant horn) and Andre was the only person big enough to fit the suit!

Debbie Harry in Tokyo, 1978.

Debbie Harry is the essence of sex, and in 1978 there was no one hotter than the Blondie frontwoman. The band released three timeless albums (self-titled, Plastic Letters and Parallel Lines) in quick succession following their inception in the mid-70s, and while their music was found on dance floors by punks and disco freaks alike, it Harry was the one who changed all Gaga.

Her sexy, streetwise style was so synonymous with Blondie that the band had to launch a button campaign to let everyone know "Blondie Is a Group", not just Harry himself. Keep this in mind the next time you run into him.

Ho ho no! Quentin Tarantino sits on Santa Claus' lap in 1970.

Ah, Christmas in California. The sun is shining, the palm trees are shaking in the wind, and Santa is sweating like a whore in the church. Abandoned by his father, Tarantino moved with his mother to California at the age of four, where he began to immerse himself in his love of film. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. At this point young Tarantino was busy watching movies that were definitely in over his head while his mother battled Hodgkins lymphoma.

Little did anyone know that this smiling young man would go on to elaborate on the background story of Madonna's "Like a Virgin".

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