Historical Photos We Had No Idea Existed

 When it comes to juicy gossip and provocative tabloids, few topics provide the breadth of content like celebrities. The rich, famous, and many celebrities live in a world we only dream about. Plus, either thanks to wildly unequal lives or perhaps because of them, celebrities find themselves in imaginable situations. However, the public lives of these illustrious luminaries often contrast with their private moments away from the limelight. So here's a snapshot of rare behind-the-scenes photos of some of Hollywood's legends.

Stevie Nicks in her post-concert glow, 1980.

Naturally, performing in front of thousands of screaming fans can get your adrenaline pumping. In this photo, the angelic-sounding Nicks was clearly still flying high after her live performance. While her boyfriend Fleetwood Mac had to talk the band into allowing Nick in, she clearly took her opportunity and ran away with him. Of course, his initial hesitation may have led him to threaten to quit every other week.

Cousin It. The Addams Family in the mid-1960s.

The smartest, cutest, most popular flowing hair this side of your dog, Cousin Itt served as the pillar of the awkward Addams family. The role of the inept cousin was played by two younger men, Felix Silla and Roger Arroyo. Sila told the LA Times that the dress was "hot and heavy". Like wearing a brick. Everybody used to smoke on the sets. They just dropped their butts and got on them. The makers were worried that I might step on a burning cigarette and get burnt. They gave me synthetic hair, which was flame-retardant.

Sting signing his autograph to a precocious Gwen Stefani in 1983.

Although it's against the unwritten code of Hollywood, sometimes even celebrities fawn over other celebrities. Here's a young Stefani understandably infatuated with one of her idols. At the time Sting was coming red hot from five UK chart-topping albums in the previous five years. The Police also earned six Grammys and two Brit Awards during the same period. '83 was also the year that Sting decided to go solo.

Sean Connery and Claudine Auger soaking up some sunshine on the set of Thunderball, 1965.

Apparently by '65 Connery was a complete icon of Bond, James Bond, and both genders around the world. Clearly, Miss Auger was completely giddy about the fact that she was actually sitting on 007's lap. Connery for his part looked as cool as Bond about to tempt another hapless bloke in the name of Her Majesty's service.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt facing the city in 1996.

Three really, ridiculously good looking stars walking around town, what could go wrong? As it turned out to them, not much. Depp and DiCaprio worked together on "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," and DiCaprio was already filming "Titanic," which would forever change his life and the lives of teenage girls everywhere. Pitt's star was also on the rise after working with Morgan Freeman and David Fincher on "Scene7n".

John Travolta waltzing with Princess Diana at the White House, 1985.

The Reagans organized this press op manna from heaven. The Saturday Night Fever star definitely didn't see the magical moment coming, "I didn't know or expected to dance with Princess Diana. It was the president's wife, Nancy Reagan, who said, 'It was her wish. is,'" Travolta told Dutch TV station Één. Princess Diana played her role decently but "wanted to dance with Mikhail Baryshnikov because he's my hero," recalled his friend Paul Burrell.

A quiet moment with Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s.

Most of the photos of the original blonde bombshell depict her wild and crazy life. The photograph depicts a rare moment of peace in Monroe's life. Ironically, the woman born as Norma Jean Baker actually preferred "Jean Adair" for her stage name. However, Monroe came from her mother's maiden name and she ended up with Marilyn, thanks to a studio executive who thought she looked like Marilyn Miller.

Joaquin Phoenix, 1996.

Phoenix made his television acting debut alongside his brother River. With siblings named River, Rain, Liberty, and Summer it is no surprise that both brothers ended up in the arts. The New York Times called him one of the greatest actors of the 21st century and he has the hardware to prove it. Phoenix earned an Academy Award for his portrayal of The Joker and a Grammy for his role as Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line.

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